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Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants offer unparalleled support for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Patients missing one or more teeth can benefit from lifelike and comfortable restorations by undergoing dental implant surgery. Within their dental practice in Mason, OH, Dr. Gregory Davis performs all stages of this advanced treatment at their office, including precise implant placement procedures. He implements the latest dental technologies such as CEREC virtual 3-D dental models, 3-D cone beam scanners, and custom milled surgical guides to deliver durable, life-like results.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Before scheduling your surgery, Dr. Davis will gather information about your unique oral status. Procedures start with the CEREC CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) where a 3-D virtual model is obtained to record the area where the tooth/teeth are missing. This virtual model allows for the ideal design of the tooth/teeth needed to fill existing voids.

Close up of decayed teeth

Next Dr. Davis carries the CEREC generated tooth/teeth design forward into an advanced cone beam 3-D radiography scan. Here he is able to determine the precise location where your dental implant(s) can safely support the tooth/teeth previously designed. 

Image of implant and jaw

Once the implant position has been precisely defined, the final preparation element occurs back at the CEREC computer where a custom surgical guide is milled to ensure that your implant goes exactly where it was planned to best support your new tooth/teeth.


Model of restoration

Dental Implant Procedure

Some dental implant patients come to Dr. Davis already missing one or more teeth. Others arrive with teeth that are still in place, but damaged beyond restorability. During extraction of such hopeless teeth, Dr. Davis can use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to promote healing and speed recovery. He may also perform a socket preservation graft to preserve the jawbone and improve the outcome of your treatment. If you have experienced bone degeneration or sinus expansion due to tooth loss, you may need additional preparatory procedures such as a bone graft or sinus lift. Typically 3-4 months are required for healing of any graft sites before a dental implant can be placed. 

Once your jaw has healed from any preparatory procedures, Dr. Davis can place your dental implant. Using local anesthesia he will gently create space for the implant in your jaw using the precise surgical guide he previously created to position the implant into the strongest, more strategic areas of the bone. It typically takes 3-4 months for the dental implant to fully fuse with the bone. 

The final step within the process takes you back to Dr. Davis' CEREC computer.  Here digital impression records are taken that allow for the manufacture of the original custom crown or bridge that was planned for the site where the tooth/teeth were missing. Only once this crown/bridge is placed atop your new dental implant will you be restored to a fully stable and functional, natural-looking dental status and smile. 

Restore Your Smile

Dental implants provide substantial benefits for individuals who have lost teeth. Implant-supported restorations are more stable and lifelike than traditional options and offer significant protection for your oral health by simulating the presence of natural tooth roots. To find out how dental implant surgery can benefit you, contact us online or call (513) 459-1377 to schedule a consultation today. 

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Dr. Davis is especially good with kids. And his staff? Helpful, compassionate, and caring. They take care of business for you. Thumbs up. 10 on a scale of 5.

-Steve K.
Mason, OH