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Dentistry Ohio

Warren County Meets the Man for Whom Their County is Named

Gregory P. Davis, DDS May 12, 2021

The life and legacy of Dr. Joseph Warren

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George Washington: The Dentally Fallible Man Behind the Myth

Gregory P. Davis, DDS Jan 03, 2020

February is the month in which America sets aside a holiday devoted to our Presidential history.  While President George Washington is indeed a man of…

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Antibiotics: Friend and Foe?

Gregory P. Davis, DDS Jun 30, 2018

For your entire life you have lived in the age of antibiotics.  We tend to take these drugs for granted.  All too often medical professionals…

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Ahimaaz King Lives on Through the Kings Local School District

Gregory P. Davis, DDS Feb 21, 2018

When historians detail the contributions of Mr. Ahimaaz King they often focus on his noteworthy contributions through the King Powder Company or the Peters Cartridge…

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Promises & Heroes: the Guardian Angel of Long Point Bay

Gregory P. Davis, DDS Jan 05, 2017

Dr. Davis surfaces a story about a sunken schooner and Abigail Becker, a giant of a woman who hauled the crew to safety.

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Gershom Peters Changes the World from Warren County Ohio

Gregory P. Davis, DDS Jan 05, 2017

In June of 2017 Warren County Ohio will see the placement of another new historical marker honoring Gershom Peters, J.W. King and the thousands of…

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England's King Richard III

newcomerdavis Apr 26, 2014

In 2012 Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, historian and author of ‘The Last Days of Richard III’, spearheaded the efforts resulting in the search for and discovery…

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