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Dentistry Ohio

To Restore or Leave Original

In the early 1960’s Genevieve Gilmore surprised her husband, Donald with a 1920 Pierce-Arrow automobile as a birthday gift.  Donald lovingly restored the classic car to like-new condition.  It was the first of many cars that Donald would collect.  Genevieve suggested that her husband should start his own car museum.  Today in Hickory Corners, Michigan visitors flock to a 90 acre agrarian campus that houses what in many ways is the world’s finest car museum. 

     In recent months the Gilmore Car Museum received the donation of a very rare and priceless “all original” 1902 Thomas, bought new by John D. Rockefeller. 

     These two cars, Donald’s Pierce-Arrow, and John’s Thomas, embody a debate that exists within the collector car community.  Should one restore his/her collector car to like-new condition or should she/he allow the car to remain in its original condition? 

     A similar debate takes place within the dental world.  There are patients who come to see us yearning for the restoration of their teeth to the color, shape and function of their youth.  There are others who prefer to maintain and preserve their teeth in used but original condition. 

   In both the dental office and the car museum there is no right or wrong answer for everyone.  These are individual decisions.  Wherever you stand in this dental debate, my team and I are fully equipped, educationally and technologically, to help you restore and/or maintain your dental health and wellbeing. 

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