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Dentistry Ohio

Lucy & Brianna

Meet Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor, America’s 1st woman to earn a doctorate in dentistry.  She was 28 years old when in 1861 she opened her first office right here in Cincinnati. 

     In recent weeks I’ve found myself feeling newly indebted to Dr. Hobbs Taylor.  Why?  This month my team and I are delighted to welcome Dr. Brianna Webb as an associate dentist within our practice.  Brianna’s path led from her home in Indiana, through the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, and ultimately here to Mason, Ohio.  Brianna made the journey, but make no mistake, Lucy paved the path! 

     I’ve introduced you to Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor.  My new goal in the coming weeks will be to introduce Dr. Webb to Mason, and in so doing, also begin the process of introducing you, the people that are Mason, to her.  I know you will come to value her presence within our community as much as we already do.  Thank you Lucy for your still speaking presence! 

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Dr. Davis is especially good with kids. And his staff? Helpful, compassionate, and caring. They take care of business for you. Thumbs up. 10 on a scale of 5.

-Steve K.
Mason, OH