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Dr. William Spencer: A Loving Tribute


Within the pages of my website there is a section that introduces three men who had a significant influence on who I am today in a professional, motivational, and ethical sense. 

Mr. Richard Vogt was a high school teacher that I had for Biology as a sophomore, and Anatomy & Physiology as a senior.  Mr. Vogt kindled my fascination for sciences in general and the study of living organisms in particular. 

Dr. Richard Anstead, was my childhood dentist, and a man who impressed me, even as a kid, as someone who loved what he did.

Dr. William Spencer, like Dr. Anstead, was a general dentist.  He also happened to be my father-in-law.  While the calendar may read “September”, our family is immersed in a winter-of-life chapter.  On August 30th, Dr. Spencer, “Dad”, transitioned on to that mysterious realm beyond this one.   He had lived 87 adventure-filled years.  His will be a life easy to remember with a celebration, and a heart filled with gratitude. 

He grew up in tiny Columbiaville, Michigan, north of Detroit in the thumb of the mitten.  He fell in love with the flute at the Interlochen Arts Academy, but it was at the University of Michigan where he fell in love with Janice, his ultimate bride-to-be. 

After dental school he enlisted in the Navy and was stationed in Oakland, California, where their first child, Lynn, my ultimate bride-to-be, was born. 

Following the Navy years the Spencers returned to Michigan where Bill set up his general dental practice in Kalamazoo.  Yes, it’s true.  I got a gal from Kalamazoo!  And Lynn, her brother Dave, and her sister, Kathy were hatched into a love-filled nest of privilege.  It was a happy coincidence that Dr. Spencer’s dental practice met the needs of both his patients and his family. 

After her graduation from Comstock High School, Lynn went off to Michigan State University.  And there she and I crossed paths at Akers Hall where we each lived and shared a Social Studies course. 

Mid-way through my years at MSU, I was wrestling with career decisions.  In many ways my acquaintance with Dr. Spencer helped clinch my dental leanings. And today, from the perspective of hindsight I know whole-heartedly that he didn’t lead me astray.  My professional life, and ultimately whatever dental legacy I leave behind in my community will be defined in many ways by the still-living influence of these three men.  Mr. Vogt, Dr. Anstead, and yes, Dr. Spencer all live on through my daily rituals and routines.  Thank you gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart. 

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