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Dentistry Ohio

To Floss or Not to Floss? That is the Question!

newcomerdavis Aug 28, 2016

In early August news reports surfaced that seemed to suggest that the use of dental floss was a waste of our time.  What's up with…

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Roy's 90th Birthday, the Hudson Motor Company and Warm Fuzzy Family Appreciation

newcomerdavis Aug 28, 2016

A heart-warming story about family, a significant birthday, and Hudson automobiles  

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Responsible Antibiotic Stewardship

newcomerdavis Aug 28, 2016

Alexander Fleming's discovery of the world's first antibiotic in 1928, and penicillin's initial wide-spread distribution in 1945 brought seemingly miraculous changes in the world.  Today…

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Knowledge is Power: a commitment to ongoing dental education

newcomerdavis Aug 27, 2016

Dental School at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry ended well over 30 years ago for Dr. Davis.  Dental education however, is a never…

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Dr. Davis is especially good with kids. And his staff? Helpful, compassionate, and caring. They take care of business for you. Thumbs up. 10 on a scale of 5.

-Steve K.
Mason, OH