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Dentistry Ohio

Trivial Pursuits

The time has come to announce Mason’s Bill and Beverly Schuessler as winners of the 16th annual ‘Dr. Davis Trivia Challenge’!  Congratulations to Bev and Bill!  Their name was drawn as one of three entries who demonstrated trivia mastery this year with ten correct answers.  Here is a review of this year’s questions, now complete with answers. 

1.      In the long and storied history of baseball at Detroit’s Tiger Stadium only four players ever hit home runs long enough to clear the 94 feet high roof in left field.  Only one of the four was a Tiger.  Who was he?  Answer:  Cecil Fielder

2.      What do Ulysses S. Grant, Babe Ruth, Sigmund Freud, Lana Turner, and George Harrison share in common?  Answer:  Oral cancer!  8000 Americans die of oral cancer every year.  When was your last oral examination?

3.      In 1976 the American Chemical Society recognized what dental product as one of the 100 greatest discoveries of the previous 100 years?  Answer:  Crest with fluoride

4.      What famed “MATCHBOX” Toys historian and vintage “MATCHBOX” collector was appointed by Mattel as “Matchbox Ambassador” at the July 2013 International Gathering of Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico?  Answer:  England’s Nigel Cooper

5.      What Ohio county takes its name from the physician who sent William Dawes and Paul Revere on their famous “midnight rides”?  Answer:  Warren County, named for Dr. Joseph Warren

6.      Who was President when the White House was first equipped with an automobile?  Answer:  Cincinnati’s own William Howard Taft

7.      In Steve Berry’s mystery novel, “The King’s Deception” protagonist Cotton Malone finds himself mired in the mythological legend that one of the past English monarchs had actually been an imposter in drag.  Who is that past monarch?  Answer:  Elizabeth I

8.      For Mother’s Day my wife was gifted with a Cercis canadensis.  What would you guess she did with it?  Answer:  She had us plant this ornamental weeping redbud tree in the front yard!

9.      What American Motors Corporation President watched over the killing of both the Hudson and Nash brand names before the end of 1957?  Answer:  George W. Romney

10.  Photographer O. Winston Link filled a book with his work detailing the “Last _____ ________ in America”.  Fill in the blanks.  Answer:  Link spent 1955-1960 on the Norfolk & Western photo documenting the “Last Steam Railroad in America”.  

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