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The Dentist's Dream List

The cover story article from the January issue of “dentaltown” magazine is entitled ‘Wish List’.  The guts of the story go on to reveal the top ten picks of products that we nerdy dentists dream about adding to our dental offices.  Riveting reading!

1.      Digital x-rays: When was the last time you saw someone taking pictures with an old film based camera?  Virtually everyone uses a digital camera of some sort.  Thankfully we can capture our dental images digitally as well.  The advantages include a reduced radiation exposure for our patients, and larger easier to share computer-based x-ray images.

2.      CAD/CAM:  With Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) devices dentists are able to design, fabricate and place crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers all in a single visit.  My patients are seeing a better dentist since we acquired our CEREC CAD/CAM system and I’m delighted to say it is still me! 

3.      Lasers:  Diode lasers can be used in a dental setting to remove unwanted, unhealthy or overgrown tissue.  I also can use my diode laser to help desensitize those pesky painful canker sores and cold sores.

4.      Digital Impressions:  Yes, it is true!  Those gloppy, gagging impression materials can be replaced with a small digital scanner.  Thankfully my CEREC CAD/CAM system is a digital impression based system! 

5.      Cone Beam Computed Tomography:  The CBCT is a 3-D form of digital dental x-ray imaging and is a must for dentists placing dental implants for their patients.  This one remains on my Wish List.

6.      Electric Handpieces:  Compared to the traditional air turbine handpieces (drills) our new electrically powered handpieces provide for a much more consistent rotary speed which translates to much smoother and improved tooth preparations.  Love them!

7.      General Office Equipment: dental chairs, stools, cabinets and alike.  I guess some updates here could be nice but I can’t see how this would make me a better dentist.   

8.      Implant Systems:  For now I’ll leave this important work to the skilled surgical hands of Drs. Lubitz, Lamping and Lucas. 

9.      Practice Management Systems:  As you would imagine nearly all dental offices rely these days on one brand or another of dental practice management software for our computer systems. 

10.  Intra-oral Camera:  Small camera heads are designed to fit inside the mouth to record existing conditions allowing dentists to communicate with their patients and insurance companies regarding conditions in need of repair.  Can’t imagine living without this one.


I realize now with new enthusiasm just how fortunate I am.  I get to work every day with eight out of ten of these technological marvels at my finger tips!  In the end our patients are the real winners.  

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