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Dentistry Ohio

Sugary Sweet Confessions of the Dentist

newcomerdavis Dec 29, 2013

Looking at the role of carbohydrates/sugars in the development of tooth decay/dental caries/cavities and developing strategies to maintain dental health.

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Dentistry and the Olympics

newcomerdavis Dec 27, 2013 often neglect the dental component of their overall health to the detriment of their athletic performance.

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News on Our 'Statin' Medications

newcomerdavis Dec 26, 2013

New research out of Massachusetts shows that 'statin' medications taken to treat cholesterol related heart disease can have positive effects on gum tissue health!

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Dr. Davis is especially good with kids. And his staff? Helpful, compassionate, and caring. They take care of business for you. Thumbs up. 10 on a scale of 5.

-Steve K.
Mason, OH