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Dentistry Ohio

'Living' Article October 2012- 'Trivia Challenge' Answers

SEO Admin Sep 12, 2012

LivingOctober 2012  Your patience has paid off.  The time has come to announce Maineville’s Amy Haney as winner of the 14th annual ‘Dr. Davis Trivia Challenge’! …

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'Living' Article September 2012- Inventing the toothbrush

SEO Admin Sep 12, 2012

LivingSeptember 2012 I debated saving this question for next year’s ‘Dr. Davis Trivia Challenge’ but some things are just too important to withhold.  So here it…

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'Living' Article August 2012- Occlusion

SEO Admin Sep 12, 2012

LivingAugust 2012 oc-clude: verb- to close, shut, or stop up a passage, opening, etc.In the dental world this verb is utilized when we discuss the ways…

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'Living' Article July 2012- 'Dr. Davis Trivia Challenge'

SEO Admin Sep 12, 2012

LivingJuly 2012The time has arrived for the 14th annual ‘Dr. Davis Trivia Challenge’!  Each year’s challenge reflects areas of personal interest to me.  The rules…

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'Living' Article June 2012- 'You' and periodontal concerns

SEO Admin Sep 12, 2012

LivingJune 2012 Occasionally we can figure out the meaning of words by breaking them down and looking at the parts individually.  Within the dental world the…

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