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'Living' Article November 2012- Grateful for 20 years

Where were you, what were you doing twenty years ago?  I was a 34 year old dentist just nine years into my professional journey.  My son Ryan, a physician today was in third grade at J.F. Burns Elementary School.  My daughter Jordan, a Wittenberg Univ. graduate and Los Angeles based actor/model, was a pre-schooler. 

It was twenty years ago when I had one of those days that in hindsight I am today able to recognize as a moment in time that forever changed my professional life for the better.  It began as one of those uncomfortable, foggy, mystery-filled episodes of change.  Angie my trusty chairside dental assistant had found herself compelled to leave dentistry behind.  It was a response to a classified advertisement I had placed in the Cincinnati Enquirer that resulted in that life enriching episode 20 years ago. 

I’m not sure what it was that spoke to Donna from the pages of the Enquirer but she responded, I was smart enough to see genuine enthusiasm and spirit, I offered a job, she accepted the offer and today twenty years later, she’s still blessing me, my dental team and our patients every day the doors are open. 

Donna remains somewhat obsessed with challenging herself, maximizing her gifts and serving the world.  Very early on she felt called to pursuit coursework leading to her designation as an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary.  Not only did she finish first in her class but she so impressed the folks running the Sinclair Community College program that they offered her a job within their teaching team.  She’s still there today too.   Along the way she has started and finished a masters program in business.  Today she is putting the finishing touches on a PhD in Psychology. 

Yes, she too often burns the candle at both ends.  Too often she asks and expects too much of herself.  But the bottom line is that Donna takes seriously her role, her potential to serve within the global village.  It is just so happens to be my good and guiding fortune that her corner of the village has overlapped my own for twenty years and counting. 

It was Abraham Lincoln who in the midst of America’s Civil War set aside a national holiday encouraging us to take time, to pause and ponder the multitude of things in our lives deserving of heartfelt thanksgiving.  During this particular season of thanksgiving it is the great gift of twenty years for which I feel particularly thankful.  I’m grateful that Donna continues to see, share and embrace the vision that calls our dental team to responsible service within our community and beyond.  I’m grateful for her organization and orneriness, her compassion and curiosity, her faithfulness and friendship.  Thank you Donna!  Thank you very much! 


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