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'Living' Article February 2012- "MATCHBOX" memories

What better time than the frigid days of February for collectors like you and me to get in touch with our collections?  My wife will confirm that I have been in regular contact with my “MATCHBOX” Toys friends in recent weeks.  The reference books are out and open and the ebay button within my ‘favorites’ file is working overtime these days.   

Back in 1958 the Lesney Corporation added an odd little British sedan called the Vauxhall Victor to the “MATCHBOX” Toys range.  Today that toy in perfectly mint condition with its original box might sell for $75.00 at a local toy show and sale.  A couple of weeks back I enthusiastically followed an ebay auction that offered an early example of the “MATCHBOX” Vauxhall Victor.  The model had several paint flaws and the original box was nowhere to be found.  When the dust settled and the auction ended the diminutive Vauxhall sold for $3025.00!  Why so much?  Across the seven years that the Vauxhall Victor was included within the “MATCHBOX” range it always featured a soft yellow body color.  Always that is, except for a tiny handful of initial Vauxhall Victor castings that were coated in a trial run of lovely red paint.  And this model in spite of its abundant flaws and missing box was decked out in that ultra rare red paint. 

Stories like this leave most people with shaking heads.  How on earth could or would anyone pay so much for a tiny old toy in poor condition?  The story of the little red Vauxhall stands as a testimony to the Lesney Corporation’s success at blanketing the Western World with pocket-sized pieces of joy on wheels.  And so it is that my two brothers and I were among those millions of children of the 1950s who lived and breathed “MATCHBOX”. 

I know I’m not alone.  I know there is a multitude of you out there who have a box or collector’s case of “MATCHBOX” Toys tucked away in a closet or the basement.  I know there are many of you for whom “MATCHBOX” memories still bring warmth to your heart.  My friends Bob and Calvin and I have tossed around the idea of taking a crack at starting a local southwestern Ohio gathering of “MATCHBOX” lovers.  So during this cold month of February I’m inviting you closet “MATCHBOX” fans to reach out and give me a shout (  Let’s get together and play!  Perhaps you’ve got a red Vauxhall Victor in that box in the basement.  I guarantee you those boxes are full of stories and smiles and what dentist isn’t a softy for a great smile.  It’s hard to put a price on genuine joy!

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