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Dentistry Ohio

'Living' Article August 2011- Out of the mouths of babes...

Landen Living

August 2011


Well folks, I have a confession to make.  As a kid growing up in Michigan I did not have dreams of one day being a dentist.  My first dream centered around the notion that I would one day take over for Al Kaline playing right field for my beloved Detroit Tigers.  I did play a little right field for the Bedford High Kicking Mules but that’s about as far as that dream took me.  And like Jethro Bodine I also harbored visions of being a “double nought spy” like James Bond.  That one died hard too.  Heck in my early thirties I drove a Lotus Esprit for about five years just like the ones James Bond had in the movies. 

These days I have plenty of opportunities to talk with the high school and college age students that frequent our dental office.  I try to engage them on topics other than their bicuspids and how to combat their gingivitis.  I make an effort to put a finger to the wind and get a read on their dreams, their goals and their passions.  Yes, a portion of them are somewhat disinterested in my interrogation, wishing I’d stick to their oral examination and getting them back into a vertical posture headed for the exit.  By and large however, the majority of your kids respond promptly and with some enthusiasm about their summer job, the college campus’ they have visited, their study abroad, and/or the work-study opportunities they are enjoying at P&G or General Electric.  There are some of our young adults who answer with so much detail that my Dental Hygienists start giving me the evil eye with a glance toward their wall clock.   

In the meantime, our country has been buried deeply in the midst of significant and persistent economic turmoil.  Ohio has been painfully impacted by these realities.  I experience it directly through the production numbers at my office.  I feel it through some of the stories of our adult patients.  I see it on the evening news and hear it from our politicians.  It would be easy to look toward the future and see little but clouds but I find myself this summer feeding off of that genuine enthusiasm and optimism of the young adults with which I cross paths at my office.  Sometimes there is unspoiled wisdom found in youth.  In response I genuinely believe that collectively we’ve seen the worst this storm has to offer.  Summer is our season of renaissance where we find ways to recreate and recharge our batteries.  Let’s renew our bodies, minds and hearts with faith that brighter days are ahead for Ohio and America, for you and for me.    

Oh, by the way, I do still talk to your kids about their bicuspids and gingivitis as well.  But it’s their conversation about life in general that feeds my optimism and makes me believe! 

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Dr. Davis is especially good with kids. And his staff? Helpful, compassionate, and caring. They take care of business for you. Thumbs up. 10 on a scale of 5.

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