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'Living' Article January 2010


January 2010


It may be that January 1st is just another date on the calendar but I think most of us look at New Year’s Day as a benchmark.  It is a day for clean starts, the launching of projects, and determined new mindsets. 

Over at the dental office I am genuinely looking forward to a clean start.  I have written in the past about how I am spoiled, about how I have been blessed at my office to have connected with people who have joined my healthcare delivery team, embraced my philosophy of patient care and stayed with me year after year after year. 

Last year however, was an uncomfortable year of transition at my office.  Pat Stanbery who had been a fixture in our dental hygiene department for years, had found herself in a new station of life from which she no longer could fill her role within our team. 

After an extensive and at times frustrating search we ultimately connected with Angie Perkins who joined with us late in 2008.  Angie had moved to Ohio from a home and dental office setting she had genuinely loved down in Kentucky.  Angie was a skilled clinician and we tried hard to provide her with a new sense of family as well as a job but fairly early in the game it became apparent to me that Angie’s heart was still somewhere south of the river.  Late this past summer Angie confirmed that she intended to move back to Kentucky but promised to stay with us as long as we needed her.  Angie knew how important it was to me to find the perfect piece for our dental team puzzle and she wasn’t going to leave us in a difficult situation. 

We immediately renewed our search and this time things just fell into place.  One of the first promising names to surface was Amanda Godby.  I think we met with three people but all of us agreed when Amanda first came to meet with us that things just felt ‘right’.   We had her come back and spend a couple of days working with us and we found that her clinical skills equaled her personal charms.  And this time she was a life-long greater-Cincinnatian!  Her heart was already at home. 

And so it was that last fall Amanda enthusiastically agreed to complete our puzzle.  She was the perfect fit!   Amanda  joined with us and now we roll into January a complete team with a clean start, renewed energy, and grateful hearts.  Happy New Year! 

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